Early Symptoms of Pregnancy

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Early Symptoms of Pregnancy

While the only ways to detect pregnancy are pregnancy tests and ultrasounds, there are additional symptoms and signals you may watch out for. More than just a missed period can indicate pregnancy.

There are early pregnancy signs that could indicate the likelihood. What to look for is listed here.

Missed Period

A missed menstruation is the most visible early sign of pregnancy and what causes the majority of women to take a pregnancy test. But pregnancy is not always the reason for all missing or postponed periods.

Breast Changes

An extremely early indication of pregnancy is breast changes. After conception, a woman’s hormone levels rapidly alter. After a week or two, the alterations may cause their breasts to swell, hurt, or tingle. Alternatively, they could feel heavier, fuller, or softer to the touch.


Beginning early in pregnancy, feeling extremely exhausted is typical. As early as one week after conception, a woman may experience exceptionally high levels of weariness.

Nausea (Morning Sickness)

One well-known pregnancy symptom is morning sickness. However, not all expectant mothers receive it.

Although the precise origin of morning sickness is unknown, pregnant hormones probably have a role in this symptom. Though it can happen at any time of day, morning sickness is the most prevalent during pregnancy.

Any one or a combination of these symptoms may be present in a pregnant woman. Consult with the best gynecologist in Indore, if any of these symptoms start to annoy you.