Feminine Hygiene Tips for Ladies

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Feminine Hygiene Tips for Ladies

Keeping yourself clean is perhaps one of the essential feminine hygiene tips. Especially as you move through puberty, the changes in your body make good personal hygiene all the more critical. Things like getting your period, daily vaginal discharge, and increased sweat from your sweat glands make keeping clean increasingly crucial for teenage girls.

Use soft and cotton Clothes only for intimate parts

To dry off after a shower or bath, use a soft and completely dry towel. An important hygiene tip for girls is to change your towel every two to three days – and don’t share your towel with anyone else.

PH Balance

Regular soaps and shower gels aren’t designed to be used on your vaginal area because they have a pH level intended for the surface of your skin. Your skin has a pH of 5.5, whereas a healthy vaginal pH level ranges from 3.8 to 4.5. Using regular soap can alter the pH of your vagina and upset its delicate bacterial balance, which is what keeps it healthy and free of infection. So always use a soap bar or liquid soap having low PH.

Work only with the outer vagina.

The inside of your vagina has its very own self-cleaning mechanism. It doesn’t need to be washed, scrubbed, or cleaned – this also means no douching. Stick to washing just the outside of your vagina, which is called the vulva. The vulva includes the inner and outer vaginal lips and the clitoris.

Most important, whenever you clean your private parts, clean from front to back to avoid infection from anal area.

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