Fibrocystic Breast Disease

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Fibrocystic Breast Disease

Fibrocystic breasts are not uncommon. It is composed of tissue that feels lumpy or rope-like or nodular. When fibrocystic breast has pain, tenderness, and Lumpiness then it is called fibrocystic breast disease. Fibrocystic breast changes occur most often between 30 and 50 years of age. These changes rarely occur after Menopause unless someone is taking hormone replacement therapy.

The breast symptoms are cyclical and increase a few days prior to menses and get better after menses. The symptoms are cyclical.

Symptoms include

  • Lumpy breast
  • Generalize breast pain or tenderness or discomfort mostly in the upper out part of the breast
  • Change in breast size,
  • Green or dark brown discharge from the nipple etc.

Treatment of Fibrocystic Breast Disease –

  • Most important is reassurance – It is a benign condition and women need not be afraid of it.
  • Well supporting bra
  • Warm compression
  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like paracetamol etc.

Usually symptoms subsides with these measures if they don’t subside then sometimes we give oral pills and other medications for treatment of fibrocystic breast disease which you need to visit your gynecologist in Indore for proper check-up and treatment.