Recovery after Caesarian Section

Recovery after Caesarian Section

Childbirth is one of the most beautiful and exciting times in a woman’s life. However, carrying a baby for nine months and giving birth can be a strenuous process, particularly when the woman opts for or has to undergo C-section delivery. After C section delivery, the mother needs more time to heal than  vaginal delivery.

We have listed four easy and simple ways to help a new mother cope with the strain of childbirth:

1. Adequate rest: As C-section is a major surgical procedure. Body requires time and rest for healing. Normally superficial skin wound heals with in 8 to 10 days. Body needs almost 8 to 10 weeks rest post delivery during which all the organs of the body external and internal which had undergone changes during pregnancy comes back to normal. Women who have delivered by C-section may have to stay in the hospital for an estimated 3 to 4 day.

2. Even though it sounds easy to rest, new mothers may find it difficult to lie in bed for long hours when their tiny bundle of joy demands a lot of caring and attention. So, the best way to deal with this situation is for the new mother to rest when the baby is sleeping. Relatives and caregivers can be enlisted to help with diaper changes while the new mother undergoes a full resting schedule

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4. Relaxation: Women that opt for a C-section childbirth should avoid movement immediately after delivery to the extent possible. They must avoid climbing stairs and keep everything within arm’s reach. The placement of all essential items should be designed to minimize any movements for the new mother. Also, new mothers should hold their abdomen in a bid to protect the incision site whenever they sneeze or eject a cough. Under normal conditions, it may take up to 2 months for the new mother to resume a regular life routine. They are advised to avoid strenuous work but can be encouraged to undertake short wal

5. Pain and discomfort: To relieve the discofort and pain after C section your gynecologist always prescribes simple pain killers for 3 to 5 days.

6. Nutrition: Good nutrition is essential after childbirth as mother needs to recover from surgery ad at the same time she has to feed the baby.. As long as the new mother breastfeeds her baby, she remains the child’s only source of nutrition. Thus, they are advised to consume a variety of healthy foods so that the baby grows strong and healthy. Research indicates that consuming vegetables adds flavor to breast milk; this feeling can boost the newborn child’s appetite. New mothers should ensure they consume plenty of fluids, mainly water, to increase the supply of milk and to keep constipation at bay.

These words of advice can help women to cope with the aftermath of a successful delivery. Doctors and medical professionals must be consulted to imbibe best practices for the mother and her newborn.